Who we are

We are group of good friends from Colorado who started ETL Overland because we simply could not find a product on the market today that was durable or versatile enough to take our friends and families to our favorite destinations.  Whether it is unimproved camp sites near our favorite mountain bike trails, back country skiing or climbing  we did not want our rig to slow us down.

Our backgrounds are just as diverse as our outdoor passions and pursuits – mechanical engineering, industrial design, global IT systems, and finance.  We have all had entrepreneurial pursuits and have brought our time and talent together to design the most capable and comfortable RV’s on 4, 6 or 8 wheels today.

But what really makes ETL different?  We could give you all of the technical data from the exclusive use of aircraft grade aluminum to the proprietary internal I-beam frame system that allows us to literally lift our builds up and drive the truck out from under it. But really it comes down to our people, we are passionate about building a no compromise product that doesn’t just exceed the competition (if you can even call them that) but literally blows them away. We take pride in the hard work our skilled craftsmen put into each and every build.