Custom Manufacturing

Do you want to be hands on?  From custom RV shells, minimally finished interiors to all out custom builds PBS Manufacturing is ready to help bring your project to life.

Can you count on a traditional RV to get you over rough terrain and out of harms way? Whether you want to go hunting, camping off the beat and path, or want to be prepared to bug out when the time comes you need a vehicle built for durability and strength.

It all starts with the foundation and that is why we start with T6 aircraft grade aluminum. We custom weld each internal frame using 5″ I-beams and our proprietary mounting system. Then custom build each vehicle to meet your needs.

Many of our customers know that they want something different and a run of the mill travel trailer or motorhome that you find on a typical dealers lot just will not do.  They know how they want to use there rig and want something purpose built.  They see building a custom RV to their exact specifications as an adventure and enjoy the process.