Building tough does not mean that we don’t think about the impact of our RV’s on the environment.  We selected the materials we use not only because they allow us to build one of the most capable, tough and durable RVs on the market but also with an eye to their impact on the environment we all want to protect and enjoy.  We start with an all aircraft grade aluminum structure and shell that is light yet strong and can outlast the very chassis it is on.  That is why we made the ETL shell removable so it can be recycled by mounting it to a new chassis for an unparalleled useful life.  We passed on the traditional RV and trailer building materials that not only feel cheap but are often  filled with formaldehyde and instead opted for bamboo and eucalyptus.  Bamboo is light, strong and sustainable.  We utilize both construction grade WEAVECORE bamboo plywood and finish grade bamboo to deliver a modern durable interior that is friendly on the environment.  Every ETL build comes with an integrated solar system to keep you on your adventure without the need to plug in.  For those who want to ditch the noisy generator, you can opt for one the solar packages designed  to power you off the grid, including your air conditioner and microwave.